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An Open Letter to the President, Congress, Governors, and State Legislatures

We, the undersigned, call your attention to the attached report by Professor Jeffrey A. Miron, The Budgetary Implications of Marijuana Prohibition. The report shows that marijuana legalization — replacing prohibition with a system of taxation and regulation — would save $7.7 billion per year in state and federal expenditures on prohibition enforcement and produce tax revenues of at least $2.4 billion annually if marijuana were taxed like most consumer goods. If, however, marijuana were taxed similarly to alcohol or tobacco, it might generate as much as $6.2 billion annually.

The fact that marijuana prohibition has these budgetary impacts does not by itself mean prohibition is bad policy. Existing evidence, however, suggests prohibition has minimal benefits and may itself cause substantial harm.

We therefore urge the country to commence an open and honest debate about marijuana prohibition. We believe such a debate will favor a regime in which marijuana is legal but taxed and regulated like other goods. At a minimum, this debate will force advocates of current policy to show that prohibition has benefits sufficient to justify the cost to taxpayers, foregone tax revenues, and numerous ancillary consequences that result from marijuana prohibition.

Endorsing Economists:
*Affiliations listed are only for purposes of identification.


Milton Friedman The Hoover Institution, Stanford University Nobel Laureate
George A. Akerlof University of California, Berkeley Nobel Laureate
Vernon L. Smith George Mason University Nobel Laureate
David Aadland University of Wyoming
Burton A. Abrams University of Delaware
Daron Acemoglu Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Ljubisa Adamovich Florida State University
Earl Adams Alleghany College
Ashraf Afifi Ferris State University
Rita M. Akin Westminster College
William Albanos Jr. PSI Learning Institute
William Albrecht University of Iowa
Donald Alexander Western Michigan University
Michael Alexeev Indiana University
Dan Alger Lawrence University
Joseph Allen University of Georgia
Amer Al-Saji Muskegon Community College
Dave Amos Lorain County Community College
James Anderson Boston College
Joan Anderson University of San Diego
Geoffrey T. Andron Austin Community College
J.J. Arias Georgia College
Bevin Ashenmiller Claremont McKenna College
George Averitt Purdue University, North Central
Robert J. Awkward Middlesex Community College
Howard Baetjer Towson University
Richard Baillie Michigan State University
Jennifer A. Ball Washburn University
Christopher Ball Quinnipiac University
A. Paul Ballantyne University of Colorado, Colorado Springs
Richard J. Ballman Jr. Augustana College
Taradas Bandyopadhyay University of California, Riverside
Edward B. Barbier University of Wyoming
Andrew Barkley Kansas State University
William A. Barnett University of Kansas
Humberto Barreto Wabash College
J. Douglas Barrett University of North Alabama
Kaushik Basu Cornell University
James Bathgate Linfield College
Tammy Batson Northern Illinois University
Yoram Bauman Whitman College
Ergin Bayrak University of Southern California
Scott Beaulier Mercer University
Fred Beebe Long Beach City College
Arthur Benavie University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Theodore Bergstrom University of California, Santa Barbara
Eli Berman University of California, San Diego
Colleen Berndt George Mason University
Marc Bilodeau Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
Cyrus Bina University of Minnesota
Stanley Black University of North Carolina
McKinley Blackburn University of South Carolina
Calvin Blackwell College of Charleston
Emily Blanchard University of Virginia
Andre Blaszczynski Tunxis Community College
Howard Bodenhorn Lafayette University
Donald J. Boudreaux George Mason University
James Bradfield Hamilton College
James Bradley University of South Carolina
Carole L. Brandle Kent State University, Stark
W. Kenneth Bratton Oakland Community College
Paul Briggs Windward Community College
Isabelle Brocas University of Southern California
Gregory Brock Georgia Southern University
Bruce Brown California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Carl Brown Florida Southern College
Neil Bruce University of Washington
Richard Bruns Clemson University
John Bryant Rice University
Roland Buck Morehead State University
Carl Bonham University of Hawaii, Manoa
John P. Burkett University of Rhode Island
Joyce Burnette Wabash College
Michael Butler Texas Christian University
William N. Butos Trinity College
Bernard Caldwell University of North Carolina, Greensboro
David Campbell Whittier College
Noel Campbell North Georgia College and State University
S. Campo University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Arthur J. Caplan Utah State University
Bo Carlsson Case Western Reserve University
Juan Carrillo University of Southern California
Thomas M. Carrol Central Oregon Community College
Michael Casson Delaware State University
William Cauble Western Nebraska
Adam Chacksfield Western Illinois University
Ujjayant Chakravorty Emory University
Jack Chambless Valencia Community College
K Chandrasekar New York Institute of Technology
Chun-Hao Chang Florida International University
Andre Charleston
James Chase Valencia Community College
Walter Chatfield San Bernadino Valley College
Pierre Chiappori Columbia University
Gerald Childs Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Kenneth L. Chinn Southeastern Oklahoma State University
Gregory Chow Princeton University
Jens Christiansen Mount Holyoke College
Kenny Christianson Binghamton University
Lawrence R. Cima John Carroll University
Clifford Clark University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Norman Cloutier University of Wisconsin, Parkside
Douglas Coate Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Lee Cockerill California State University, Fullerton
Richard Coe New College of Florida
Philip Coelho Ball State University
Boyd D. Collier Tarleton State University
Robert Collinge University of Texas, San Antonio
Darius J. Conger Ithaca College
Laura S. Connolly University of Northern Colorado
Michael B. Connolly University of Miami
John M. Cooper Minnesota State University, Moorhead
Solveg Cooper Cuesta College
Erik Craft University of Richmond
Roger Craine University of California, Berkeley
Eric Crampton University of Canterbury, New Zealand
James Crawford Valley City State University
Ron Cronovich University of Nevada, Las Vegas
John Cuddington Georgetown University
Scott Cunning University of Georgia
Andrew Currie Simon Frasier University
Elizabeth Curtis New England College
Susan Dadres Southern Methodist University
Sami Dakulia University of Alabama
Thomas Dalton Southern University at New Orleans
Richard H. Davidson Daytona Beach Community College
Ronald B. Davies University of Oregon
Spencer Davis North Carolina State University
William L. Davis University of Tennessee, Martin
Susan Davis Buffalo State College
Alan V. Deardorff University of Michigan
Gregory Delemeester Marietta College
Steven Deller University of Wisconsin, Madison
Alex DePinto University of Redlands
Robert J. Derrell Manhattanville College
William Desimini Suffolk County Community College
James Devault Lafayette University
Darlene DeVera Miami University of Ohio
Hashem Dezhbakhsh Emory University
Arthur M. Diamond, Jr. University of Nebraska, Omaha
Angela Dills Clemson University
Caf Dowlah Queensboro Community College
Robin Dubin Case Western Reserve University
Kevin Duncan Colorado State University
Tomas Dvorak Union College
William R. Easterly New York University
Jonathan Eaton New York University
Rex M. Edwards Moorpark College
Fritz Efaw University of Tennessee, Chattanooga
Bernard Elbaum University of California, Santa Cruz
Catherine S. Elliott New College of Florida
Howard Ellis Millersville University of Pennsylvania
Richard England University of New Hampshire
Cosmas Etim Central Connecticut State University
Paul Evans Ohio State University
Micky Falkson Cornell University
Joshua Farley University of Vermont
Robert M. Feinberg American University
William Feipel Illinois Central College
David Felix Washington University in St. Louis
J. Peter Ferderer Macalester College
Daniel Fink Cornell University
Mark Finlay Armstrong Atlantic State University
Robert J. Flanagan Stanford University
John Flander Central Methodist University
Jaime Flores Chabot Community College
Fred E. Foldvary Santa Clara University
John Formby University of Alabama
Annette D. Forti State University of New York, Old Westbury
John Fox Kansas State University
April M. Franco University of Iowa
Mark Frascatore Clarkson University
L. Freiberg Northeastern Illinois University
Marcia J Frost Wittenberg University
Mark Frost Southern Methodist University
Drew Fudenberg Harvard University
T. Galloway Southwest Missouri State University
Alka Gandhi Lycoming College
Gay Garesche Glendale Community College
Leonard Gaston Central State University
Jeremiah German Towson University
Malcolm Getz Vanderbilt University
Adam Gifford Jr. California State University, Northridge
Scott Gilbert Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
Lance Girton University of Utah
Michael Goldberg University of New Hampshire
Robert J. Gordon Northwestern University
Robert Gottfried Vanderbilt University
Simon Grant Rice University
Philip E. Graves University of Colorado
Keith Griffin University of California, Riverside
Anthony Gu State University of New York, Geneseo
Eleanor Gubins Rosemont College
Oabe Gunrin Howard University
Steffen Habermalz University of Nebraska, Kearney
Thomas Hall Miami University
Juan Carlos Hallak University of Michigan
Jay Hamilton John Jay College of Criminal Justice
David Hammes University of Hawaii, Hilo
Bruce Hansen University of Wisconsin, Madison
Robin Hanson George Mason University
Stephen Happel Oregon State University
Jon Harford Cleveland State University
Philip Harris University of Wisconsin, Madison
Oliver Hart Harvard University
Seid Hassan Murray State University
Donald M. Hayward Mote Marine Laboratory
S. Aaron Hegde California State University, Bakersfield
Ali Hekm College of Eastern Utah
Ian Hellings Kankakee Community College
Andrew Helms University of Georgia
David Hemenway Harvard University
David Henderson The Hoover Institution, Stanford University
Eugene M. Herman Moraine Valley Community College
Berthold Herrendorf Arizona State University
Jesse Hill Tarrant County College
Rodney Hiser Butler Community College
Arnold Hite Charleston Southern University
Vladimir Hlasny Michigan State University
Thomas Hoban NC State University
Paul Hodges University of Texas, Permian Basin
John Hoftyzer Southwest Missouri State University
Stephen Holland University of North Carolina, Greensboro
James M. Holmes State University of New York, Buffalo
Theresa Honeycutt Edison College
Steven Horwitz St. Lawrence University
A. Reza Hoshmand Daniel Webster College
Frank M. Howland Wabash College
Wade Hudson Wagner College Staten Island
Mary Huff Stevenson University of Massachusetts, Boston
Mark Huggett Georgetown University
Barry Ickes Pennsylvania State University
Selo Imrohoroglu University of Southern California
Thomas Ireland University of Missouri, St. Louis
Alan Isaac American University
Nurul Islam University of Massachusetts, Boston
Habib Jam Rowan University
Jay A. Johnson Southeastern Louisiana University
Laurie Johnson University of Denver
Richard Johnston Monmouth College
Elia Kacapyr Ithaca College
David E. Kalist Shippensburg University
M. Kamrany University of Southern California
John Kane State University of New York, Oswego
Edi Karni The Johns Hopkins University
Jonathan Karpoff University of Washington
Sheen T. Kassouf University of California, Irvine
Terry Kastens Kansas State University
Milton Katoglis Emory University
Jim Kelsey Western Washington University
Dick K. Kennedy Odessa College
Lawrence Kenny University of Florida
Peter Kerr Southeast Missouri State University
Neha Khanna Binghamton University
Kyoo H. Kim Bowling Green State University
Roy Kim Drexel University
So Young Kim Florida Atlantic University
Kiho Kim Medgar Emers College
Kent P. Kimbrough Duke University
John Kirk College of San Mateo
Paul A. Kivi Bemidji State University
Daniel Klein Santa Clara University
Daniel Klein George Mason University
David Klingaman University of Georgia
Jeffrey Koch Strong High-Yield
Kenneth Koelln University of North Texas
Stephen Kolub Swarthmore College
William Kordsmeier University of Central Arkansas
James Koscielniak Moraine Valley Community College
Lea-Rachel Kosnik University of Missouri, St. Louis
Lawrence D. Krohn Tufts University
Monika Krol Southern Illinois University
Douglas Krupka Georgia State University
Sisko Kule Valencia Community College
Ronald Kuntze University of Tampa
James Kurre Pennsylvania State University, Erie
Michael Kurth McNeese State University
Michael Kuryla Broome Community College
Ben Kyer Francis Marion University
Kern Kymn West Virginia University
Sumner La Croix University of Hawaii-Manoa
Sajal Lahiri Southern Illinois University
Robert LaLonde The University of Chicago
Fabian Lange Yale University
George Langelett South Dakota State University
Richard Langlois University of Connecticut
William D. Lastrapes University of Georgia
William Lay Jr. Bryan College
Stephen Layson University of North Carolina, Greensboro
Gregor Lazarcik Brooklyn College
Quan V. Le Seattle University
Li Way Lee Wayne State University
Gary D. Lemon DePauw University
Fred H. Leonard Smith College
Stephen F. LeRoy University of California, Santa Barbara
David K. Levine University of California, Los Angeles
Robert Levman
Anthony Lewis Jr.
Yang Li University of Mississippi
Carlos Liard-Muriente Western New England College
Byron Lilly De Anza College
Terrance Liska University of Wisconsin, Platteville
George Loewenstein Carnegie Mellon University
Franklin A. López Tulane University and University of New Orleans
Damon Lopez-Franco San Jacinto College
Guido Lorenzoni Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Richard Lotspeich Indiana State University
Anton Lowenberg California State University, Northridge
Hari Sharan Luitel West Virginia University
James Luke Lansing Community College
R. Ashley Lymann University of Idaho
John Lynham University of California, Santa Barbara
Roger Mack De Anza College
Craig MacPhee University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Rasigan Maharajh Tshwane University of Technology
Matt Maher Boise State University
Suman Majumdar Auburn University Montgomery
Michael T. Maloney Clemson University
Howard Margolis University of Chicago
Mindy Marks University of California, Riverside
Matthew Marlin Duquesne University
Craig Marxsenc University of Nebraska, Kearney
Paul Mason University of North Florida
Harpal Maur Austin Community College
Rachel McCulloch Brandeis University
Laurence McCulloch Ohio State University
Todd McFall Wake Forest University
Niccie McKay University of Florida
Kelly McKay Victoria College
Robert F. McNown University of Colorado, Boulder
Michael McPherson University of North Texas
Jagdish Mehra Youngstown State University
Matthew Mercurio Princeton University
John Merrifield University of Texas, San Antonio
Peter Milch Houston Community College
Dragan Milkovic North Dakota State University
Gary Miller Los Angeles Harbor College
Matthew Mitchell University of Iowa
John Mogab Texas State University
Mark Montgomery Grinnell College
Carlisle Moody The College of William and Mary
James E. Moore II University of Southern California
James Morris University of Colorado, Denver
Catherine Morrison Paul University of California, Davis
Andrew P. Morriss Case Western Reserve University
Leon Moses Northwestern University
Tracy Mott University of Denver
Herv? Moulin Rice University
John Mullen State University of New York, Potsdam
Anders Muller University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Thomas Murray New Mexico State University, Grants
Richard Muth Emory University
Amy Myers Parkland College
John Nader Grand Valley State University
Emilio Nazario Delaware State University
Sheree Nelson Kaplan University
Donald Nichols Oakland Community College
Inder P. Nijhawan Fayetteville State University
Farhang Niroomand University of Southern Mississippi
William Nook Milwaukee Area Technical College
Hugo R. Nopo Middlebury College
Susan Nowakhtar Chaffey College and Mount San Antonio College
Stephen A. O’Connell Swarthmore College
Frederick Oerther Greensboro College
Brenden O’Flaherty Columbia University
Amon Okpala Fayetteville State University
Jayde Okunubj Medgar Emers College
Bernard O’Rourke Caldwell College
Jim O’Shaughnessy Daytona Beach Community College
Dragana Ostojic George Mason University
Patsy P. University of Pennsylvania
Jan Parker Suffolk County Community College
Elliott Parker University of Nevada, Reno
Christopher Parmeter Binghamton University
Christine Parrott Austin Community College
E. C. Pasour North Carolina State University
Jennifer Patti
Michael Perelman California State University, Chico
Dwight Heald Perkins Harvard University
Mark Perry University of Michigan, Flint
Stanley Peters
Bethany Peters Rhodes College
Nicholas Petricoff University of Cincinnati
Michael Petrowsky Glendale Community College
Christopher Phillips Somerset Community College
Candace Pivit
Ivan Pongracic Hillsdale College
Charles Pregger-Roman Castleton State College
Christopher D. Proulx University of California, Santa Barbara
Sara Provost
Michael Pumputis
Fernando Quijano Dickinson State University
Valerie Ramey University of California, San Diego
John Rapp University of Dayton
Kenneth Rebeck St. Cloud State University
Charles Reichheld Cuyahoga Community College
Joseph Reid George Mason University
David Reiley University of Arizona
Siobhan Reilly Mills College
Stanley Reiter Northwestern University
Ariell Reshef New York University
Charles F Revier Colorado State University
Reed Reynolds University of Toledo
Linda Richten Kansas State University
Mark Ridin
Robert Rigney Valencia Community College
Aric Rindfleisch University of Wisconsin, Madison
Ken Roberts Southwestern University
Nancy Roberts Arizona State University
Gary Robertson Aquinas College
Malcolm Robinson Thomas More College
William Robinson University of California, Santa Barbara
Leila A Rodemann Trident Technical College
Terry Roe University of Minnesota
Robert Rogers Dauch College
Michael Rolleigh Williams College
Rafael Romero State University of New York Institute of Technology
Don Roper University of Colorado, Boulder
Jaime Ros University of Notre Dame
Thomas Rossi Broome Community College
Santanu Roy Southern Methodist University
Dan Rubenson Southern Oregon University
Paul H. Rubin Emory University
Anthony Rufolo Portland State University
John Ruggiero University of Dayton
Mark Rush University of Florida
Gerard Russo University of Hawaii
Andy Rutten Stanford University
Kanchana N. Ruwampura Hobart and William Smith Colleges
William Sackett Itasca Community College
Massood Saffarian Northwestern Oklahoma State University
Diego Salazar University of San Dakota
Michael K. Salemi University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Michael Saliba Loyola University New Orleans
Donald Salyards Winoma State University
Subarma Samanta The College of New Jersey
John Sanders Purdue University
Howard Sanderson Virginia Commonwealth University
William H. Sandholm University of Wisconsin
Connie Sanzo Pima Community College
Hyman Sardy Brooklyn College
Rajiv Sarin Texas A&M University
Nathan Savin Iowa State University
Ted Scheinman Mount Hood Community College
Ken Schoolland Hawaii Pacific University
Samuel Schreyer St. Cloud State University
Carlos Seiglie Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
George Selgin University of Georgia
Rajiv Sethi Barnard College, Columbia University
John Seydel Arkansas State University
Robert Sgazzle Williams College
Mohamad Shaaf University of Central Oklahoma
Howard Shaber Montgomery College
Harry Shaffer University of Kansas
Rami Shafiee North Harris College
Sumitra Shah St. John’s University
Nasrin Shahinpoor Butler University
Bill W. Shaw Louisiana College
William Douglas Shaw Texas A&M University
John Shea University of Maryland
Edward Shepard Le Moyne College
James F. Shepard Whitman College
George Sherer University of Dayton
Stephen Shmanske California State University
Hamid Shomali Golden Gate University
Scott Shore Bentley College
Martin Shubik Yale University
Steven Shugan University of Florida
Werner Sichel Western Michigan University
Hammad Siddiqi Northern Illinois University
Randy T. Simmons Utah State University
Thomas R. Simmons Greenfield Community College
Rajesh Singh Iowa State University
R.L. Singson California State University, Hayward
Sarah J. Skinner University of Louisiana, Lafayette
Allan G. Sleeman Western Washington University
Kenneth A. Small University of California, Irvine
Rachael Small University of Colorado, Boulder
Robert S. Smith Cornell University
Halon Smith University of Minnesota
Rodney Smith University of Minnesota
Arthur Snow University of Georgia
Russell S. Sobel West Virginia University
Eric Solberg California State University, Fullerton
Marilyn Spencer Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi
Leora Starr Metropolitan State College of Denver
Mark Staynings Bowling Green Community College
Sally Stearns University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Ivan Steinberg New Jersey City University
Jean-Philippe Stijns Northeastern University
Courtenay Stone Ball State University
Scot Stradley Concordia College
Diana Strassmann Rice University
David Sturges Colgate University
Xuejuan Su University of Alabama
Venkat Subramaniam Tulane University
Diane R. Suhler Columbia College
Scott Sumner Bentley College
James Swaney Wright State University
James L. Sweeney Stanford University
Moshe Syrquin University of Miami
Alex Tabarrok George Mason University
Michael Taillard
David Talbot Plymouth State University
Harry Taute New Mexico State University
Henry M. Taylor Martin University
Wade Thomas State University of New York, Oneonta
Mary Thompson University of Tennessee
Henry Thompson Auburn University
Philip Thompson Central Michigan University
Walter N. Thurman North Carolina State University
Jerry Thursby Emory University
Richard H. Timberlake University of Georgia
Alex Tokarev Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
Mark Toma University of Kentucky
Kudret Topyan Manhattan College
Edward Tower Duke University
Karen K. Tracey Marygrove College
Philip A. Trostel University of Maine
Gordon Tullock George Mason University
Bruce Vanderporten Loyola University Chicago
Minh Vo University of Minnesota
Richard Volpe University of Massachusetts, Amherst
John Volpe Trinity University
Mark Votruba Case Western Reserve University
John R. Wagner Westfield State College
Douglas Wakeman Meredith College
Lawrence A. Waldman University if New Mexico
Douglas M. Walker Georgia College
Gary M. Walton University of California, Davis
Kam-Ming Wan University of Texas, Dallas
X.H. Wang University of Missouri
Jennifer Ward-Batts Claremont McKenna College
David Warner University of Texas, Austin
Matt Warning University of Puget Sound
Dale W. Warnke College of Lake County
John P. Watkins Westminster College, Salt Lake City
William Weber Southeast Missouri State University
Jack Wegman Santa Rosa Junior College
Kenneth Weiher University of Texas, San Antonio
Martin Weitzman Harvard University
Stanislaw Wellisz Columbia University
Jeff Welty Wright State University
Walter Wessels North Carolina State University
James Wetzel Virginia Commonwealth University
David Wharton Washington College
Hsin-hui Whited Colorado State University, Pueblo
James Whitney Occident College
Jonathan Wight University of Richmond
Walter Williams George Mason University
Jeffrey G Williamson Harvard University
John Willoughby American University
Beth Wilson Humboldt State University
Wllmer Wilson University of Colorado, Boulder
David M. Wishart Wittenberg University
Theodore Woodruff St. Ambrose University
Colin Wright Claremont McKenna College
Thomas Wyrick Southwest Missouri State University
Pavel Yakovlev West Virginia University
Takashi Yamashita University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Chin W. Yang Clarion University
Andrew Yates University of Richmond
Madelyn V. Young Converse College
Ben Young University of Missouri
Huizhong Zhou Western Michigan University
Stephen Zihiak Roosevelt University
Joseph Zoric Franciscan University of Steubenville